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TGIF, Happy Friday!

Information on Senior Audition Process
Recruiting Season steps up a notch! The brochure has been mailed.
Information on Musical Rehearsals for the Summer Concert Tour!

THE SPRING CONCERT is NEXT FRIDAY! See this link for information.
April 27th at 7:00 p.m., Beautiful Reception to follow.
All Seniors and Juniors going to Spain singing. All remaining Juniors/novices sitting with their families.

Information on Annual Spring Choir Concert

CHOIR FAMILY HOMEWORK: Invite family, friends and colleagues to the concert! We all can play a part in audience development and grow the community that enjoys the music created by the choirs. Let’s try and grow the largest audience ever for the concert!

Help grow The Choir Special Projects Fund! This fund supports many special opportunities for the choristers not able to be covered by the church operating budget. The Spain Tour is an example. It also supports the opportunity for the choristers to work with great musicians like Dr. Rose, recording projects and other special musical programs for the choristers. Encourage friends, family and colleagues to support the concert reception and / or make donations in honor of your choristers! When we grow the fund, we grow new opportunities.

TOUR PAYMENTS: Please get your payments for Tour accounts in to Erin as quickly as you can. Thank you if you have already done so. It is time to make final payments on the tour company invoice and we need your resources. If you need extra time, speak with Erin so we know how to pace things and make arrangements. A great deal of this has to do with hotel rooms. If we miss a payment scheduled, we could loose rooms.

SENIOR AUDITIONS! It’s time to schedule those auditions.
This year is a special year for auditions.
I am inviting all current:
4th and 5th grade girls
3rd, 4th and 5th grade boys to Audition.
See the attachment for more details.
It is not required that a chorister take the audition or move up to Senior, they may stay in the Junior Level if it works best for their development and family schedule.

All 2nd grade choristers will move up to the Junior Schedule in September.

All 3rd grade girl choristers will move up to the Junior Schedule in September.
See the attachment for more details.

The annual mailing of the RECRUITING BROCHURE has been accomplished. It has been sent to all families at GCS with students in the first through fifth grades.
It’s never too late to join.
The pioneer trial of current 2nd grade novices has been a brilliant success, we will continue this!
Please pass your brochures on to families who might be interested both at GCS and those who have children who attend other schools.

There have been lots of questions about the remaining Sunday afternoon and special Spain Tour Rehearsals.
See the attached sheet for more information and ask lots of questions.


• April 20 Friday Afternoon – 3:00 (3:20) to 4:30 pm. Novice/New Junior Boys Rehearsal.
Gather and dismiss in the Honor Room. Rehearse in the Chantry.

• April 22 Sunday Service The Choir of Men and Boys
9:45 call for Senior Boys – Required, Optional for Juniors.

Lunch in Honor Room for Senior Boys, Rehearsal in Chantry

• April 24 Tuesday Morning – 7:00 – 8:10 a.m. Senior Boy Rehearsal.
Breakfast Club in the Reception room
Rehearsal in the Chantry

• April 24 Tuesday Afternoon, 3:00 (3:20) – 4:30
Novice/New Junior Girls Rehearsals.
Gather and dismiss in the Honor Room. Rehearse in the Chantry.

• April 24 Tuesday Afternoon – 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. Junior Chorister Rehearsal and
Evensong. Boy and Junior Choristers.
Honor Room and Church

• April 25 Wednesday : NO CHOIR ACTIVITIES TODAY,
GCS Closed for Classes.

• April 26 Thursday Morning – NO REHEARSAL

• April 26 (Thursday Evening) 5:45 – 9:00 p.m.
DRESS REHEARSAL ALL SENIOR CHORISTERS with Adults. (12) Required for all Boy and Girl Senior Choristers, CHURCH (And younger choristers going to Spain)

• April 27 Friday – NO REHEARSALS TODAY

• April 27th Friday, The Annual Choir Concert and Reception
5:45 pm Call for All Boy and Girl Senior Choristers, 7 pm Concert,
Required for All Boy and Girl Choristers. (Juniors listen/Senior sing)

• April 29 Sunday Service The Girls’ Choir with HS Singers and Adults
9:45 call, required for Seniors.
NO Lunch or Rehearsal after church today.

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