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Dear Choir Family Members,

As you have no doubt noticed, the music site and this secure area of it have undergone significant changes.  You can read about the changes to the main site by clicking here, but we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the new secure area.

While much of this area of the site has remained the same, there are several structural and functional changes that have been made. We believe they will make your experience using the site much easier. Here is a list of the changes:

New Login/Logout Method. The new infrastructure under which this new site has been constructed allows us to implement much more secure private areas.  As such, the login/logout methods have been slightly altered to accommodate this new level of security.  To login, simply click the “login” link on either the top right corner of each page or under the “Other” heading on the bottom of each page.  From there, you will be taken to a page on which you will be asked to enter your login credentials (which remain the same as those for the old site).  You will then be automatically redirected to the secure area.  To logout, simply click the “Logout” button in the top right corner of each page.

Improved Choir Directory. The choir directory is now very easily editable from our end, allowing us to keep it constantly up to date. You will notice that to the right of each entry reads “Last Updated” with a date, informing you how up to date each entry truly is.  Further, below each entry is an “Add to Contacts” link, which, upon being clicked, will download a VCard file of that person for you to add to your computer’s address book, allowing you offline access to everyone’s information.

We hope you enjoy all that the new site has to offer, and as always, please contact us if you have any problems using it.


The Music Program