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Thank you everyone again for all your hard work and loving support of all the work of the choirs. I am so grateful to you all!


How often, making music, we have found a new dimension in the world of sound, as worship moved us to a more profound Alleluia!

This has been a year of new dimensions – fun, fellowship, learning and musical growth – a season of bringing years of practice and performance into focus in the creation of beauty through music and joy filled fellowship. A fitting celebration of our first 125 years as a choral foundation.
Truly, a community for everyone celebrating excellence in music and God’s love for all and
In September could any of us foreseen what would happen in the world beginning with the pandemic and with the tragedy of recent days, a renewed and very passionate call for justice, truth and change. Be warriors in prayer to heal the world. Don’t fear, let your light shine and the love flow. All you need is love!

As you enter the nave of Grace Church you pass under the words: Enter into his gates with Thanksgiving! WE GIVE THANKS TO GOD FOR YOU!

Choirs, would you join me in thanking our congregation, clergy, staff and our families for all their support, love and prayers!

Thank you Music and Choir Steering Committees…….
These dedicated people oversee all the Musical Offerings, Fabric and every aspect of Musical and Chorister Life for our community.

Activities include: daily chorister life, the Thanksgiving Pie Sale, Christmas Party and Raffle, The beautiful Easter Morning Breakfast, Anniversary Concert and Reception, the greatly anticipated June Raffle, Vestment Care, Choir Parent Helper Program, Grace Church School Weekend, Recruiting, Picnics and Cookouts!. Planning for concert tours to Europe and this season, the extraordinary Choir Anniversary celebration. It also includes music staffing and the care of all the musical instruments. This is season it very importantly includes crisis management as we all live through this pandemic and all the adjustments to daily life required.

As I call your names, please stand so we can show our appreciation to you all.

Mary Cannon
Terri Chase
Kyung Choi
Yunjae Chung
Shari Coats
Rebecca Dixon
Olivia Douglas
James Gomez
Karen Gorman
Leah Johnson
Julie McAskin
Kevin P McCoy
Veronica Maginnis
Marlaine Olinick
Dominique Schulte
Jenny West

Meaghan Cheung
Sarah E Cogan
Dana Foote
Vicky Hurley
Kathy Keane
Ellen McElduff
Kevin Rotheroe
Erik Sorensen
Cara Wall
Anne Zaccaro

Would the following people stand and be recognized for gifts humbly and beautifully offered.
Please hold your applause so we can recognize them together.

Mary Cannon for leading us in creating and celebrating the Choir Anniversary.

James Gomez for organizing us and managing our Choir Parent Helper Programs.

Terri Chase, Shari Fallek Coats and Dana Foote for producing the end of the year thanks you videos.

Elana Foundos and Vincent D’Onofrio with at ARTeffect for all your help and inspiration with graphics and visuals.

Jim and Anne Wroten for your amazing work caring for the website and developing the new live streaming outreach.

Kathy Keane for her continued sharing of gifts on so many levels and caring for the Platform that supports the choir schedules.

Heavenly members of the Parish Choir that support the 9 a.m. service.

Six O’clock colleagues, David LeSueur and Jim Ferraiuolo

Eileen Clark for her beautiful work administering the schedule and personnel of the Adult Choir.

Adult Singers for your beautiful offerings all season on your own, with the Parish Choir and your support of the Chorister Program.

Amy E. Bartram
Eileen D. Clark
Peter Gruett
Melissa Kelly
Nathan Riehl
Suzanne Schwing
A.J. Stetson
Marsha Young

Hannah Cen for all your help and musical support as our Organ Scholar and congratulations as you come to the end of your appointment as Organ Scholar. God bless you in all you do.

This year the following choristers had perfect attendance for the entire year.
As their names are called they should stand to be recognized.

Maeve Cannon
Aditya Chanmugant
Gregg Chase
Mila Coats
Cole Fader
Beatrix Flynn
Abby Gomez
James Gomez
Ian Godfrey
Leo Lewis
Claire Min
Vivienne Skrypek
Luca Viola
Cece Whelan

We recognize six junior choristers who have shown outstanding growth during this choir season, both musically and in their leadership skills. They receive this year’s most improved chorister award. Would you please stand to be recognized.

Cece Whelan James Gomez
Bellamy Stapleton Luka Viola
Abby Gomez Thomas Seirer

We continue three awards named for former Organists of Grace Church. Combined they served the Parish for ninety-eight years – laying the foundations for the choral tradition we now care for and enjoy.

The James Helfenstein Award is named for the First Headmaster and Choirmaster of the Choir of Men and Boys for whose education Grace Church School was founded. It is given to a chorister in thanksgiving for the example offered in service of God and community. These are best summed up in the words of Saint Paul – “I will sing with the spirit and I will sing with the understanding also.”

This year it goes to:

Gregg Chase

The Ernest Mitchell award for Musical Leadership is named for Mr. Helfenstein’s successor. It was under Mr. Mitchell the choir achieved legendary excellence. It was under Mr. Mitchell that his successor, Frank Smith sang as a boy. Besides his musical excellence and that of his choir, Mr. Mitchell is frequently thought of for his down to earth nature and humility. This award is given to a chorister in thanksgiving for gifts humbly offered which lead to the continued musical growth and health of the choirs of this church.

This year it goes to:

Maeve Cannon

Frank Cedric Smith Choirmaster succeeded Mr. Mitchell and served Grace Church from 1960-1992. Mr. Smith is remembered by all his choristers for the twinkle in his eye, the warmth of his spirit and his love of Bach and Britten.

This award recognizes that chorister who demonstrates a deep passion for music and bring an exuberant joy to the life of the choirs.

The recipient is:

Vivienne Skrypek

Ask the 8th graders to stand as their names are called to be recognized.

Lucia DiDomenico
Adelaide “Addie” Ettedugi
Beatrix Flynn, Optima
Catherine Gooding
Sydney Kim
Milly McAskin
Charlotte Wells

Joseph Embry
Ian Godfrey, Optimus,

at the conclusion

Officiant: Let us pray.

For Education

Almighty God, the fountain of all wisdom: Enlighten by your Holy Spirit those who teach and those who learn, that, rejoicing in the knowledge of your truth, they may worship you and serve you from generation to generation; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

For Musicians

O God, whom saints and angels delight to worship in heaven, be ever present with your servants who seek through music to perfect the praises offered by your people on earth; and grant them even now glimpses of your beauty, and make them worthy at length to behold it unveiled for evermore; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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