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The Choirs of
Grace Church in New York
Annual Thanksgiving Fundraiser
for the Choir Special Projects Fund

Dear Friends of, and the Grace Church Community,

Happy November.
We hope you and your families are safe and healthy.

For 20 continuous years, it’s that time when our thoughts turn to Thanksgiving and a fundraiser for the Choir.
We are happy to share good news that the boys and girls of the Grace Church Choir are singing as beautiful as ever!
Through no small efforts from Dr. Allen, the choir parents, and most importantly, the choristers themselves.

Over the past several years our Thanksgiving fundraiser has adapted to the times. We no longer offer pies for the table, but your support has taught us virtual pies are the ticket and with the benefit of no calories. They are a great gluten-nut-sugar free way to celebrate!
This year we are bringing back the chocolate sale.

All of the fundraising we do as a choir family is for the benefit of the Choir Special Projects Fund. This fund provides choristers with special opportunities and resources not covered by the operating budget of the church, including recordings, guest conductors, and international choir tours.
Last summer the choir took a very special concert tour to Ireland.
Your support through this fundraiser made that possible.

If you would like to support the choir again this year, please follow the attached link.

We thank you for your support and wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.
Karen Gorman and Sunshine Gola, Thanksgiving Pie Chairs

2004 – Bristol Cathedral, UK
2007 – Amsterdam and Utrecht, The Netherlands
2010 – Rome and Assisi, Italy
2012 – Prague, Vienna and Salzburg
2015 – France, Normandy and Paris
2018 – Spain, Madrid and Barcelona
2022 – Ireland, Dublin and Belfast

A Scrapbook of some of our musical adventures supported by the Choir Special Projects Fund

Grace Church in New York is a registered charitable 501c3 organization with tax ID #13-5562327.