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Thank you to everyone who worked so hard planning, shopping, decorating, cooking, serving, cleaning and asking for donations this year to make it such a beautiful breakfast! 17 Tables of Great Easter Cheer and Feasting!

Please join me in thanking our amazing Breakfast Committee and Troup of Cooks, Decorators, Servers and our special Door Lady!
Jennifer Segre-Lawrence, Dana Foote, Llewellyn Sinker, Mary Burnham, Grant Marani, Anne Rieselbach, Doug Evans, Sarah Cogan, Bruce Phillips, Rose McSween, Jana Berard, Laura Holt, Susan Inglett…….

and thank you to everyone who gave so generiously so that we have covered all the expenses of the breakfast!

Happy Easter, let the fun, party and music continue this week as we move toward the Annual Spring Concert and Festive Reception Friday Night!

Love, Patrick