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Bravo everyone on such a great evening! The music rang, smiles were seen, tears were shed and the community lifted its voice in song! Bravo! What a fine evening! I hope all of you are as pleased and proud as I am. Tonight was a very special evening! I can’t wait to rehearse next week and do it again!

What a reception! Each year is special and this year was stellar. Please join me in thanking the Reception Committee!
Dana Foote, Jana Berard, Llewellyn Sinkler, Mary Burnham and Vicky Hurley.

Thank you all who made special treats, tea sandwiches, baked your special recipes, offered your gifts in the kitchen, choosing lovely wines, cocktails and all the embellishments of table. It was truly a beautiful table and celebration for all.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to come early, set up, arrange flowers, usher, serve, bar tend, take tickets, clean up, and who stayed so late making everything sparkle. What a wonderful celebration enjoyed by our whole community.

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and donated to the Choir Special Projects Fund. That fund supports so many special activities and opportunities for the choirs that our regular liturgical operating budget cannot support. Thank you again!

Rest well……… week MAYFAIR!, MOTHER’S DAY!, and the elevation of NEW SENIORS!

With a big hug, all my love and my gratitude, Patrick