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Hello everyone,
I want to thank you all for such a great season. It was the most fun and most inspiring since I’ve been at Grace Church. Such a pleasure it was to work with all of you. Thank you for all the lovely music you offered the faithful in the many liturgies and for your mentoring of the choristers.

Andrew Nolen will be leaving us after this season. He will be singing next season on the other side of the pond. Congratultions Andrew! This is so wonderful. All success and God’s blessing on you.

As a result we will be looking to fill Andrew’s chair. Please let your colleagues know about the possibilities and let me know your thoughts. My hope is that we will find someone(s) that you all love to sing with and who can handle the chaos and complex nature of our ensemble and deployment. It is unique.

Thank you again for all your wonderful company and offerings.

I’ll see some of you in the coming weeks and to others……see you in September.

If you are singing summer solos and haven’t yet confirmed repertoire or texts please get them to me asap.

I’ll have the 2011-2012 dates for our schedule in the coming week and will post it on the website and email to you.

With all my best, Patrick