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Hello and Happy Day after the 4th of July.
I hope everyone had a festive, fun and safe Holiday weekend.

The visit with mom and dad was really wonderful in the mountains of north georgia. We now have a small flock of wild turkeys on the property and more bunnies than you can count.
Now I’m in Amsterdam on the boat – see photo.
Last weekend I heard a wonderful concert of Berlioz and List in the Concertgebouw; a program by my old teacher in the ancient 12th century Old Church; a lovely baroque ensemble concert in Alkmaar and a fine organ program by a colleague in the 14th century New Church. Tomorrow I’m off to a fort out in the middle of the polder to hear music by Henry Purcell for The Tempest! It should be exciting as it’s supposed to happen outdoors and it is also supposed to be very dramatic weather with high winds and lightening. So we will see how they do it.
On Sunday I met my new clavichord. She will come to live with me on the house boat on July 15th, I can’t wait.
Made in Cherry, she is a copy of the 1772 unfretted instrument by Hubert. He was one of if not the finest builder of these instruments in the mid eighteenth century. The keyboard is brilliant and already the soundboard is very full and resonant. Clavichords like pianos strike the string, but instead of a hammer mechanism, they use a simple metal tangent. The soft is very very soft and the loud softer than the piano. It is a fine instrument for study and care of ones hands and technique. While it is so soft, the dynamic range is very big and it is the only keyboard instrument where one can create a vibrato with the finger and if not careful, play out of tune.
Be well, I’ll write now and then of what I’m up to.
If all went well, the directory is up to date, the fall schedules are on line and the handbook is now up to date.
If there is any information you need, or you find a difficulty with the website, let me know.
I’m having a wonderful time on the boat preparing scores for next season and already hearing the sound of the choirs in my mind.
With all my love, be safe and have a great start to July, Patrick