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Dear Chorister Families,

As many of you know in the spring we looked into a tour in summer 2012. When Laura Holt took a survey of senior families prior to the summer there were so many details to work out in family schedules that it was difficult to make any precise decisions.

See below for a point of departure agenda (Just click on it!) for such a tour from our Agent, Peter’s Way.

The company is currently holding hotel rooms and air flights for us which we need to either commit to or let go at the end of next week.

Could I ask you over the weekend to discuss this with your families and let me know by Wednesday 28 September:
– if your family would participate in a tour in 2012?
– and if yes, how many (chorister(s), siblings and grownups) would attend
– and if you would use seats on the flights being held or use your own sources for air
travel. (Many families have joined and left our tours from the airport in the arriving
country in the past)

If we have enough information to move ahead next week – fantastic, if not we will have to let these arrangements go and pick it up from there.

Looking at the size of our graduating class in 2012 and at the numbers of younger choristers coming up behind them I think our next window for a trip would be in the summer of 2014.

All Senior Choristers are eligable to go on the tour and the choir is committed to raising scholarship money as needed so that no senior chorister who wishes to attend cannot due to the cost. I think we should plan on the trip costing at least as much as the previous trip to room which I believe came out to around $3,500.00 per person wit airfare.

Older Junior Choristers who are eligable to audition for senior chorister in the spring also have the potential to sing on the tour on a case by case basis.

Parents and Families have always been welcome on these tours. This has been a special part of the group dynamic.

Please write with questions.

I am attaching below the most recent document (Just click on it!) from Peter’s Way. Remember – it is a point of departure document for planning and much must be done once we committ to go to flesh out the details and answer all questions.

Have a wonderful weekend, I look forward to hearing from you all by the 28th.