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What an amazing week everyone has just completed!
The choristers were put through their paces by Dr. Rose over the course of the past week!
You wore him out! Well done!

I am so proud of everyone for all the hard work and energy put into the sessions! You learned a lot and it will be fun to continue building on these experiences tomorrow morning.

For our older Juniors (those who began the year as Juniors), Evensong will start again tomorrow 1/31 at 6:00 in the Chantry.

Please join me in thanking Jennie Dunn, Ellen McElduff and Abby Carr for organizing the beautiful reception and thank you everyone who brought goddies for everyone to enjoy after the concert. It was a fun and musically exciting afternoon!

Yesterday we whited 15 Novices and promoted them to new Junior choristers and we whited one junior chorister who had recently joined the choir!

Our New Junior Choristers

Ralph “Rafe” DiDomenico… Maarish Hinduja…
Ian Rotheroe… Zo Williams*

Bryanna Antigua… Cora Hume-Fagin… Sofia Perez…
Lila Carr… Esmé Fritton… Cadence Plenge…
Maya Carrigan… Summer Green… Charlotte Robertson…
Imogene Dunn… Josephine O’Brien… Kai Williams

Happy a happy and safe final day of January 2012!