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Grace Church Novice Girl Choir – Buddy email
FROM: Melinda Weir
Kate Sheekey
CC: Patrick Allen
Laura Holt
Sarah McCain
Erik Sorensen

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 8:30 PM

Hello everyone –

Welcome to the Grace Church Girls Novice Choir. I thought I’d put together an email of the main activities during the year, as well as point out the required events. All of this is available on the Grace Church web site as well. The web site URL is From the main page choose “Music” and then log in to see the specific choir schedules. The username is “helfenstein” and the password is “iheartch0ir” (please note that the “o” in choir is actually a zero for the password.) All the schedules are on the right once you log in. This is a great site of all the activities that the choir(s) are involved with – please take a look at it as you can. If you leave the page you need to log out and log back in to see the schedules again.

I haven’t put all the dates for Thursday rehearsals and the like but instead have concentrated on required attendance. All Novice girls are always welcome to dress in their robes and sit in the front pews when the Senior Girls Choir sing on Sundays when Novices are not required.

Sunday November 18th – Grace Church School Sunday. REQUIRED. 10:15 for 11am.

Sunday December 2nd. REQUIRED. 10:15 for 11am

Sunday December 2nd. Annual Christmas Choir Party – 6 to 9pm. While not mandatory it’s a great event for all the choir families and a lot of fun.

Sunday December 16. REQUIRED. 3:30 for 4pm for the Girls Choir singing Benjamin Britten’s Ceremony of the Carols.

Tuesday January 22nd through Saturday January 26th – practices for the Annual Concert for Treble Voices with Dr. Barry Rose where the Novices are “whited.” Concert itself is on Sunday January 27th – followed by a very lovely party. This concert is the most important event of the year for Novices and Dr. Allen asks that you plan on having your child attend every practice. He’s very understanding of the many activities throughout the year that may require missing the occasional choir practice, but this week is the week you are supposed to miss the “other” events in order to be there.

Tuesday January 22nd – 5 to 6:30 practice
Wednesday January 23rd – 3:20 to 5pm practice.
Thursday January 24th – 3:20 to 5pm practice
Friday January 25th – 1:45 to 5pm practice
Saturday January 26th – 9:45 to noon practice.
Sunday January 27th – 2:45 for 4pm concert. Followed by party

Sunday February 3rd – REQUIRED. 10:15 for 11am service. Please note that since the Novices have been whited they are now Juniors and will be called that in the calendar.

Friday April 26th – REQUIRED. Annual Choir Concert and Reception at 7pm. New Juniors don’t perform, but it’s important they attend to hear the offerings by the other choirs and support them.

Sunday May 19th – REQUIRED. 10:15 for 11am service.

Sunday June 9th – REQUIRED. End of the 118th Season of the Choirs. 10:15 for 11am service.

You will note that Easter (March 31st) is not required for Novices/Juniors. However, if you are in town and planning to attend either service there is a breakfast that Senior Choir families host between the 9am and 11am service. All choristers are invited to come to the breakfast. Also, after Novices are whited they are then free to participate in the Tuesday Evensong from 5 to 6:30pm. This is required of all Junior Choristers in 4th and 5th grade, but isn’t required for new Juniors. Most new Juniors choose not to attend.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, Laura Holt (, Vicky Hurley (, Sarah McCain ( and of course Dr. Allen himself at


Melinda Weir