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IMG_3835Dear ALL Junior Choristers,

THANK YOU for a very good concert on Sunday, and also for all those rehearsals, which helped us to get a little better each day – that’s what rehearsing is for, and what it really means (Let me RE-HEAR you SING).

I did enjoy the week, and I hope you like the songs that I have specially written for you. . The only people to have heard them, and sung them, before you were the three members of my school choir, who sang for you on the recording you heard – Catherine (13), Helena (10), and Leonie (14) – and I know they will be interested to hear the recoding of your performance.

Now, today, you have to go on to learn the music for this coming Sunday, and don’t forget to do that with all those words beginning with E – ENTHUSIASM, ENERGY, EAGERNESS, EXPERTISE, which will help lead you to EXCELLENCE, which is a very important word when choristers lead the Worship of Almighty God.

Thank you, again, and greetings from Philadelphia, where I am going to play the world’s largest organ in a concert tomorrow.
Barry Rose

Just in case Dr. Allen prints out my message to you all, I thought that if you have your parents’ permission to access YouTube, you might like to go to