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Greetings everyone and happy summer Choir Families!

I hope you are safe, cool and having a wonderful and fun summer season.

The new fall season will soon be upon us, I hope you are as excited as I am about it. We will get started with a short form of Choir Camp this year. The agenda will be to get everyone vested, prepare our opening service music and catch up on everyone’s summer adventures. Come have fun, make music, meet our new music staff Dr. Philip Cave and Mr. Phillip Lamb! and….kick off the new choral season! It is the best way to get focused, ask questions and start the year off with excitement with everyone together!

CHOIR CAMP: Start: 11:30 Saturday 7 September until 3:00 p.m.
Please eat before you come, we won’t be serving lunch this year.
Parent Orientation is at 2:00.
Please enter and exit from 802 Broadway, not from the 4th Avenue side of the building.

FIRST SUNDAY: Required for all choristers: 9:45 Warm Up for Senior Choristers
10:15 Warm up for Juniors
10:30 Warm up for Novices
11:00 service
Festive reception to follow!

To see your schedule paste in this link and follow the instructions. Please ask if you have questions.

Many thanks go to Kathy Keane, Vicki Hurley and Anne Zaccarro for all their ideas, hard work and support of the new calendar system.

Website Information:
3. Website:
4. Click: MUSIC
5. Upper Right Hand Corner Click: login
6. User Name: helfenstein
7. Password: iheartch0ir (0 is a zero)

Be safe and enjoy the end of summer! I’m up in the north of the Netherlands near Groningen and tomorrow will hear two of my favorite organs from the early eighteenth century (well, one of them has pipes going back to the sixteenth century with Poseidon and his triton over the keydesk!) before returning to New York early next week. Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

With all my love, Patrick

One last request, we are updating our choir directory and information data base. If you haven’t already, would you take a moment and fill out the following information and email it back to me with a summer fun photo of your family together? Have a wonderful remainder of the summer! Be safe! See you at Choir Camp on Saturday 7 September! Our First Sunday is 8 September! With all my love, Patrick

CHORISTER’s NAME & BIRTHDAY: _____________________________________

SCHOOL he/she attends: __________________________________________________

Current grade: ____________Year Joined Choir_________________________________

Chorister’s email address:___________________________________

Chorister’s cell phone (if applicable):__________________________

Parent #1 NAME: ________________________________________

Home Address: ___________________________________________


Mobile Phone #: ___________________________________________

Email address: ____________________________________________

Parent #2 NAME: ________________________________________

Home Address: ___________________________________________


Mobile Phone #:___________________________________________

Email address: ____________________________________________