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The Cathedral of Rouen

The Cathedral of Rouen


List of Persons who will purchase air tickets through the Choir (everyone else is on their own)
Whitehurst (2)
Ian and Kevin Rotheroe (2)
Kirsten Dahlberg
Cadence Plenge
Amy E. Bartram
Tami Petty
Robert Lukomski

The second trip deposit is due on Friday 13 February in the amount of $500.00 per person attending the Tour.

Please make checks payable to Grace Church in New York, Memo: Choir Tour 2015 and list the person(s) it is covering and send to P. Allen’s Attention at the Church.
If you wish to pay via credit card you can.
Go to the Church Website.
Click Give
Click Music Donation Button
In memo: describe the purpose/persons it is for.
Please consider adding 3% of your total to the amount as that is what we are billed for the use of the credit cardservice.

Current Trip Roster
2 -Sara Queen and Emma
5 -Sorensens
2 -McElduff/Overmyer
1 -Kristen Dahlberg
1-Micaela Macannone
4 -Warings
3 -Rotheroes
2 -Whitehurst / Delgado Whitehurst
2 –DiDominico/Douglas
1 –Camilla McGarry
3 -Hurleys
1 –Eden Sherod
3 -Caves
4 -Cheungs
1-Nina Houston
2 – Anne and Samantha Zaccaro
1-Miles McCain
1-Cadence Plenge
1-Dr. A.
1-Amy E. Bartram
1-Tami Petty
1-Biraj Barkakaty
1-Robert Lukomski
1-Andrew J. Parrillo
1-James J. Rollins
1-Daniel Near
Start getting your passport and other appropriate travel documents together. It will be June before you know it.
For the room lists and for those purchasing the air package through the Tour we may need some of your identification information in the next 10 to 14 days. Please be prepared to respond quickly.