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Greetings everyone,
Can you believe it….jury duty continues!

Thank you again Jennie Dunn and Meaghan Cheung for organizing the amazing raffle on Sunday and to Jonah Cave for his brilliance on the microphone!

I can report to you that the raffle raised $5,611.51 this year – Brilliant Job and Well done!

Congratulations again to our 7th grade that sold all those raffle tickets!

Will you join me in thanking everyone who contributed to purchasing prizes or donated prizes outright. We could not have done it without your generosity!

The following persons donated funds towards the purchase of prizes:
Erik Sorensen
Melinda Weir
Cassie Glover
Rosalind Archibald
Teresa Louie
Courtney Potts
Maggie Towles
Mary Cannon
Meaghan Cheung

The following persons donated prizes:
Anastasia Rotheroe
Melanie Weston (2)
Vicky Hurley (2)
Shannon Cave (2)
Meaghan Cheung
Jennie Dunn
Lisa Richards (2)
George Davison
Barbara Sibley
Vanessa McGarry
Sarah McCain (2)
Zaccaro family (2)
Geniesse family
Andy Carrigan

You know how fast time flies – it will be time for the next raffle before you know it! Perhaps you’ll see something over the summer and think “wow, that would be cool for the raffle” donated prizes can be accepted year round!

Join in the fun!

Thank you again for this great effort and have a beautiful evening,
Love, Patrick

Patrick Allen
Organist and Master of Choristers
Grace Church in New York
802 Broadway
New York City 10003 USA