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Happy Sunday everyone!
One long email deserves a follow up – the modern condition 🙂

I made an error in the first email that I need to correct.

SIGN UP GENIUS – what I wrote was incorrect.

The SIGN UP GENIUS won’t be ready to use until a week prior to school beginning. So don’t try to use those links, they have expired. New one(s) will be issued at the end of August or so.

HOWEVER – the first week back there is a need for volunteers so here goes:

1. CHOIR CAMP – Vesting and general help:

*2:00 – 3:00 : one volunteer to help us find one another, door duty, and social time.

*3:30 – 4:00: two volunteers to help with a break/social time.

Choir Vestment Duty – Coordinated by Melinda Weir.

*2 to 3 volunteers to help her and Stacie Waring.

2. FIRST SUNDAY BACK – Choir Parent Helpers
Melinda Weir will coordinate

*2 Volunteers from Senior Chorister Families

*1 Volunteer from Junior Chorister Families

*1 Volunteer from Novice Chorister Families

Please click reply ALL so both Melinda and I receive your reply.
and let us know. Details about where and when will go out closer to the time.

Social Time: The chorister’s enjoy having something frozen at Choir Camp. What do your children like that you like them to have? Suggestions to avoid Food allergies so I know how much variety to have so everyone is happily included would be so helpful. Please send this feedback asap, I’d like to get this arranged in advance.