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IMG_4152Good Morning everyone!

After looking at the weather report this morning it seems best not to take the risk of attempting a rehearsal this morning. We may be fine getting started but with the type of snow and wind that may arrive late morning, the trip home may be too dangerous from wind and whiteout conditions.

Tomorrow…….the big day of the concert and whiting of novices!

JUNIOR CHORISTERS AND SENIOR MENTORS PLEASE ARRIVE NOW IN TIME FOR REHEARSAL AT 2:30 – that means, dressed in your cassock and in your seat in the church at 2:30 so we can finish up a few details. You will want to be coming up the sidewalk by 2:15 to accomplish this.

NOVICE CHORISTERS PLEASE ARRIVE AT YOUR SCHEDULED TIME FOR WARM UP AT 3:00 – put on your cassock and QUIETLY take your seat in the church for warm up to begin at 3:00 p.m. You may want to be coming up the sidewalk at 2:45 or 2:50.

NOVICE PARENTS please be in the church where you will sit by 3:45 if possible so we can send your Novice to sit with you for the first part of the concert before their “whiting”


SENIOR GIRLS, HS SINGERS and ADULTS…..we will keep our regular schedule.
9:45 Call for Girls
10:00 Warm up in the Music Room.

BE SAFE, see you tomorrow, Love, Patrick