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SHANNON CAVE who co chaired last night’s reception with Meaghan Cheung and has been a master vision-er of many special gatherings of our community!.

Her decorations and sense of detail make this and many other occasions we have all enjoyed so elegant and beautiful.

Shannon also organized dinner for our young actors coming from play practice to fortify them for the evenings music making and fun!

Please join me in a big thank you, hugs and kisses to Shannon!

Have a beautiful afternoon, love to everyone, Patrick

Choirs – thank you for your wonderful musical offerings last night. You sang to a new level and I am so proud of everyone.
What until next time, he he he……

Continuing our dialogue about the tradition of our choirs……

The Choir of Men and Boys is the correct title of the choir. Unlike modern childrens choirs, our choir is historically a multi generational professional group of Men singing the lower parts (with one lady alto) and treble boys singing the soprano.

When our Girls’ Choir was founded it was on that same historic model, so the young ladies sing the soprano and the Alto, Tenor and Bass by older professionals just like with the boys (hence our one lady alto and one male alto).

For special times when the music or budget or schedule don’t allow, the “trebles’ either boys, girls or both sing by themselves. But the title of the choirs remains the same: The Choir of Men and Boys and The Girls’ Choir with Adults. 🙂

It makes us special and it is how we can offer the wonderful repertoire offered last night. All of that music was written for young trebles to sing the soprano part, not grown up ladies! Even though – we love our grown up ladies!

Now back to business:

Please join me in thanking Meaghan Cheung for organizing the beautiful reception last night
and big thank yous and hugs to:

Ellen McElduff for the beautiful flowers and fantastic page turning!

Melinda and Erik Sorensen for setting up and bar tending with Andrew Cheung.

Anastasia and Kevin Rotheroe for door duty, and ushering.

Kathy Keane, Melanie Weston, Erin Hussein, Jennie and Andrew Dunn and Stacie Waring who cleaned up.

and to everyone who donated food and resources to make the evening so full of good cheer and yummy food.

BRAVO EVERYONE with all my love, P.