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1) Maintain quiet once the line has formed for the procession. Be on time to the Honour Room or other line up site prior to services. In general, you should be properly vested and in place five minutes prior to the service.

2) Follow carefully the order of service, please do not use leaflets as fans, take care when changing music and hymnals to avoid unnecessary noise.

3) Listen attentively to the sermon, sitting tall and still, legs uncrossed, and no note passing or whispering. Please be careful if you use a pencil during church, it is very distracting for the congregation.

4) Water bottles. Please be as discreet as you can and remember what you pack in, you pack out.


1) Men wear white long sleeve shirts with long ties and dark trousers; also dark shoes (no sneakers) and dark socks. (The Vestry next to the music office is kept locked and provided for your use so that should you wish to keep choir clothes/shoes here, you may change before and after services)

2) Women wear Dark shoes (no sneakers) and necklines which do not show above choir robes.


1) When rehearsing in the Church prior to services the Choir is always dressed in Cassocks properly closed (Including the top button! Let PA know if we need to support you with a better fitting vestment).

2) Except Good Friday or under special instructions, the surplice is always put on just prior to lining up for the service to be sung.

3) Please report any special needs for repair or cleaning as soon as you notice them to the Choirmaster or the Music Intern.

4) Please hang your surplice on the hanger first with the Cassock over it. This is more efficient for dressing and helps keep dust off the surplice. The Cassock also tends to need the air more than the surplice.


1) Please arrive punctually for all rehearsals, allowing enough time to put away personal belongings, preparing music and taking places so we may begin at the appointed time. The order of rehearsal and materials required are always available in advance so you may be prepared. Should something be missing please ask for it prior to rehearsal. Don’t wait until the last minute.

2) All notes should be learned prior to rehearsal. We have the gift that sets us above all the other mediums for music making – the word. We are honored to be able to sing some of the most inspired passages of scripture and writings of our tradition. It is always good to be at home in the words before you try to get the rhythm or notes correct. You may find the rhythm easier; if you know the natural rhythm of the words you are about to sing. It will also help you prepare to sing better, because you will have rehearsed the speech.

3) Please do not forget to sign out when you must be away by speaking first with PA and then with his initial in the sub book. All subs should be from the sub list. If you know someone you would like placed on the list, please have him or her call PA to be placed on the list. The Church completely is committed to supporting you in the development of your art and there are few opportunities that come up for you that would not be supported. Let us work together on this to avoid having to make strict rules on number of absences, etc. It is a negative path and takes much additional time away from music making.


No one can help getting ill or from situations that bring on excessive fatigue. As a professional singer you risk your instrument any time you attempt to work under this type of condition. The Church wants to celebrate your art and music not abuse you or put you in danger. Please do not wait until the last moment to make the decision to not sing. Please notify PA early in the week should you have a concern about an upcoming service or event and plan together how to best support your good recovery, health and the musical offerings of the choir. Accept under extreme circumstances it is not acceptable to call late on Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Sometimes it is unavoidable, but in most situations the decision to sit out should be made in time to support the entire community while you recover. Should an emergency arise, please call 212.529.3191 at unusual hours to let PA know how to support you and the Choir.


1) The Church also wants to celebrate your accomplishments and successes. Please do not overbook church obligations with outside events. When you need to be away, sign out and arrange a substitute. If the competition, audition or event “might” go over or “might” conflict but you won’t know until the last minute, sign out and get a sub. Life moves too fast. Enjoy your art and offerings!

2) Remember, in the midst of all the emotion and hard work of our daily lives, in the end we gather as a community to glorify our Lord. It is to his honour that we make the sacrifice of our time and talent to prepare and offer up these gifts.