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Absence / Substitution Policy

Rehearsal absence policy:

For special projects such as Holy Days, Evensongs and Concerts:
Examples: November All Saints’ Requiem, Ceremony of Carols, Messiah Evensongs, Christmas Eve, Holy Week,
Good Friday, Annual Spring Concert.
Attendance will be required at all rehearsals for the project.
If it is not possible to be at the/both/all rehearsal(s) for a project, please let us
know far enough in advance to find you a sub for the entire project.

The need for this adjustment to procedure has grown out of a lot of
experimentation in order to best support the efforts of the entire ensemble and
our offerings for the community.

For regular Sundays and rehearsals not associated with individual projects we will continue as before hoping that the sub for a given Sunday might also sub for you at the rehearsal where the repertoire to be covered will be prepared (if at all possible). This may mean that you must opt out to allow your sub to attend the rehearsal in your place. These details will be worked out on a case by case basis as it makes the most musical sense.

Please forgive the formality of all this and know your feedback is essential to getting it right. We have had a lot of change in our ensemble over the summer and it seems a good time to put things down so we start the new season on the same page and with good support for everyone and our offerings. The spirit of all this is to support the whole group to do the highest level work possible.