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Music at Grace Church in New York

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Choir Parent Service and Lunch Helpers

Please sign up to help with Sunday Services, Concerts, Special Choir Events and to provide Lunch on Sundays when Senior Choristers rehearse. SERVICE and LUNCH and SPECIAL PROGRAMS CHOIR PARENT HELPER SIGN UP GENIUS.

2019-2020 choir parent helper checklist

2019-20 Choir parent lunch checklist

2019 2020 Tuesday Evensong Helper Checklist

Tuesday Evensong Sign Up Genius

Choir Parent Helper at Tuesday Evensong is so much fun.
Come help support the choristers to learn and grow, have fun with them and enjoy watching and listening to all they are doing.
Primary points:
-Greet Choristers as they enter, help them put their backpacks and materials along the sides of the honor room and be calm.
-Help them get their juice and cookies (provided, no shopping duties) and clean up when they are finished.
-Be available if anyone has an emergency, gets sick or just needs a hug.
-After getting organized we go into the church to practice.
-Listen and enjoy and be around just in case of an emergency. It’s so important to have a second adult with the group.
-After warm up the choristers will come to the honor room to put on their vestments – help them find and put them on, empty hangers go back in place so they can be found quickly after the service.
-When line up is called, help the choristers line up and remain quiet – no talking after this point.
-Once the clergy are present, take your seat in the church and enjoy what you have helped create.
-Following the service help the choristers put their vestments away neatly (white on the hanger first, black over).
-Have a lovey evening with so much gratitude from the whole community.

After School Vocal Coaching – Details are in the text of the sign up genius link after you click.
After School Sign Up Genius