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Dear Choir Family,

June 10th is the final Sunday of the 123rd season of the Grace Church Choir! All our adorable, talented choristers sing and we celebrate with a garden reception and RAFFLE! This is always a super fun event, and we are looking forward to celebrating it with you.

We already have some incredible items for the raffle, including some very special jewelry and accessories—stay tuned for more info!

There are still a few items we’re hoping to rustle up for the raffle table:

1) A Sephora and/or Glossier basket—if you know someone in the beauty or magazine biz who would be willing to donate samples, that would be THE BEST!
2) Sports tickets—if you have season tickets and know you’ll be missing a game this season, we’d love to raffle them off.
3) Supreme merch—if anyone has a contact there (or extra swag lying around), we’ll love you forever.
4) Fun stuff of interest to our younger choristers—some ideas we’ve tossed around are a nerf set, a lego set, a huge pool float, and/or a candy basket.

We are sure you have more and better ideas—we want to hear them! And while you’re thinking, if you check you closets and come across unspent gift certificates, toys that never got opened, or birthday gifts that weren’t quite your style, we can find them a very good home!

We need a description of your donation by Monday, May 21 so that we can print raffle tickets and distribute them to our choristers (did we mention they are our sales force?) in time for them to sell as many as possible to friends and family over Memorial Day weekend.

We do not need the actual item until the morning of the raffle.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you so much for your continued and enthusiastic support of the Choir Special Projects Fund!

Cara Wall
Kathy Keane
Meaghan Cheung