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Music at Grace Church in New York

Music at Grace Church in New York

The Bicentennial Organ

front-outsideGrace Church in the City of New York
The Bicentennial Organ
Taylor and Boody Organ Builders Staunton, Virginia Opus 65, 2013
Specification of the Organ

Great Manual Two, Upper South Case
85mm w.p. (3 1/4″)

16’ Double Open Diapason, façade
16’ Bourdon
8’ First Open Diapason
8′ Second Open Diapason
8’ Spire Flute
4’ Principal
4’ Spitz Flute
2 2/3’ Twelfth
2’ Fifteenth
1 3/5’ Seventeenthgreat detail 2
V Cornet g0-d’’’
V Mixture
IV Scharf
16’ Double Trumpet
8’ Trumpet
4’ Clarion

Swell Manual Three, Upper North Case, Enclosed
85mm w.p. (3 1/4″)

16’ Contra Gamba
8’ Façade Principal, façade
8’ Violin Diapason
8’ Rohr Fluteswell case
8’ Salicional
8’ Voix Celeste, (G)
4’ Principal
4’ Open Flute
2 2/3’ Nazard
2’ Fifteenth
2’ Wald Flute
1 3/5’ Tierce
V Mixture
16’ Contra Bassoon
8’ Cornopeanswell detail 3
8’ Oboe
4’ Clarion

Choir Manual One, Lower South Case
70mm w.p. (2 3/4″)

8’ Principal Dolce, façade
8’ Stopped Diapason
8’ Flauto Dolce
8’ Unda Maris (c0)
4’ Octave
4’ Rohr Flute
2’ Gemshorn
1 1/3′ Larigot
II Sesquialtera
III-IV Scharff
16’ Cor Anglaisgreat case
8’ Cremona
8’ Tuba (Solo, enclosed)
8’ Harmonic Trumpet (Solo, enclosed)

Solo Manual Four, Roosevelt Chamber
Enclosed, 125mm w.p. (5″)

8’ Harmonic Flute
8’ Gamba
8’ Gamba Celeste
8’ Viol d’Orchestre
8’ Viol Celeste
4’ Flauto Traverso
16’ Corno di Bassetto
8’ Orchestral Oboe
8’ Vox Humana great detail

8’ Tuba (380mm w.p., 15” )
8’ Harmonic Trumpet (380mm w.p., 15” )
Solo 16′
Solo 4′

Choir Pedal, Lower North Case
75mm w.p. (3″)

16’ Bourdon
8’ Cello, façadeswell detail 4
8’ Spitz Gedackt
4′ Clarabella
16’ Bassoon
8’ Schalmey

Main Pedal, Roosevelt Chamber
125mm w.p. (5″)

32’ Double Open Diapason, C to B in west gallery
32’ Contra Bourdon
16’ Open Diapason
16’ Subbass
16’ Violone
8’ Principal
8’ Spire Flute
4’ Fifteenth
V Mixture
32’ Contra Ophicleide 4' Harmonic Flute and Orchestral Reeds
32’ Contra Fagott
16’ Trombone
16’ Fagott
8’ Trumpet
4’ Clarion
8’ Tuba (Solo)
8’ Harmonic Trumpet (Solo)

Swell to Great 8’
Choir to Great 8’
Solo to Great 16’
Solo to Great 8’
Solo to Great 4’

Solo to Swell 16’great case upper portion
Solo to Swell 8’
Solo to Swell 4’

Swell to Choir 8’
Solo to Choir 16’
Solo to Choir 8’
Solo to Choir 4’

Great to Pedal 8’
Swell to Pedal 8’
Choir to Pedal 8’
Solo to Pedal 8’
Solo to Pedal 4’

Pedal Stops on Great Divisionals
Pedal Stops on Swell Divisionalsgreaet case detail
Pedal Stops on Choir Divisionals
Swell Stops on Pedal Toe Studs
All Swells

Memory level display
General piston display
Memory level up
Memory level down
Signal lights on buttons (4)
All next

Manual Pistons
Great div. 1-8Choir at Easter
Swell div. 1-8
Choir div. 1-8
Solo div. 1-8
Pedal div. 1-8
General 1-16
Sequencer forward (4)
Sequencer back (2)
Swell to Great (rev.)
Choir to Great (rev.)
Solo to Great (rev.)
Solo to Swell (rev.)
Swell to Choir (rev.)
Solo to Choir (rev.)
Tutti I (rev. with indicator)
Tutti II (rev. with indicator)
Tutti III (rev. with indicator)
cases with eagle
Tutti IV (rev. with indicator)
General Cancel

Toe Studs
General 1-16
Pedal div. 1-8
Sequencer forward
Sequencer back
Memory level up
Memory level down
Great to Pedal (rev.)
Swell to Pedal (rev.)
Solo to Pedal (rev.)
Swell to Great (rev.)
Solo to Great (rev.)
32’ Double Open Diapason (rev.)
32’ Bourdon (rev.)
32’ Ophicleide (rev.)
32’ Fagotto (rev.)
16’ Trombone (rev.)
Tutti I (rev.)
Tutti II (rev.)
Tutti III (rev.)
Tutti IV (rev.)


Grace Church in New York City was founded 1802 at Broadway and Rector Streets, the land was given by Trinity Church Wall Street.
Moved to 802 Broadway and built new church 1843-1846 at a cost of $57685.00
The land was purchased from Henry Brevoort for $40,000.00. Brevoort was the uncle of James Renwick Jr. who was given the job as architect for the church. Renwick had no formal architect training, being trained as an engineer. He was only 23 years old and had only one previous project to his credit, a fountain. The original wooden spire was replaced in 1883 by James Renwick. It was made of limestone quarried by the prisoners at Sing Sing.

Organs of Grace Church:

1811 John Geib and Son for the old church
1830 Henry Erben III-30 stops, moved to the new Church in1846
1876 Hilborne L. Roosevelt Opus 36, III- 45 ranks.
1902 E.M. Skinner IV 89 ranks.
1912 Ernest M. Skinner Company Opus 201, IV- 84 ranks
1928 Skinner Organ Company Opus 707, IV- 48 ranks
1961 Schlicker Organ Company III, 74 stops 101 ranks
2013 Taylor and Boody Opus 65 IV, 77 stops, 96 ranks

Grace Church, Bicentennial Organ Statistics

Four manuals and pedal: Choir, Great, Swell, Solo. Compass: manuals 61 notes C-c4, pedal 32 notes C-g1

Two balanced expression pedals, for Swell and Solo

All stop action electric solenoid (slider) or solid state switching

Balanced manual key action with floating square rails and return springs on all keys

Six mechanical couplers; eleven electric couplersswell detail 2

Seventy-nine manual pistons
Forty-two toe pistons
One-hundred eight stop knobs
Electronic components supplied by Solid State Organ Systems,
Wiring and technical consultation by Richard Houghton
Swell box design and acoustical consultation by Dana Kirkegaard

• 12 stops including 4 preparations (Pr 4, 1 1/3, II, III-IV), 470-934 pipes
• 70mm wind pressure
• 8 Principal Dolce White Oak, in facade
• 8′ Stopped Diapason , wood
• Wooden reed boots and blocks
• Mechanical action with key contacts for Solo couplers and duplexed Solo reeds

• 16 stops, 1473 pipes
• 85mm wind pressure
• 16’ Double Open Diapason stopped basses (C-Ds) from Bourdon 16′ bass
• 16’ Bourdon C-Ds, F-B refurbished from Hutchings-Votey Opus 1691swell detail
• 16’ Double Open Diapason and 8’, First Open Diapason (C,Cs) in façade 80% tin
• 8’ Second Open Diapason borrows C and Cs from 16’ Double Open cº and csº
• Wooden reed boots and blocks
• Mechanical action with key contacts on all manuals for Solo couplers and bass pipes on electric offset chests

• 17 stops, 1262 pipes
• 85mm wind pressure
• Metal reed boots and blocks
• 16’ Gamba C-Ds stopped metal behind facade
• 8’ Rohr Flute wood basses (C-F) from Hutchings-Votey Opus 1691
• Electric swell shutter action arranged to open in three stages; shutters on front, back and side of expression box
• 60mm thick expression box and shutters
• 16’ Gamba basses (E-B) and 8’Facade Principal in façade 80% tin
• Mechanical action with key contacts for Solo couplers and large offset bass pipes on electric chests
COVER AGO April 2014
• 11 stops, 736 pipes
• 68 note windchest
• 125mm wind pressure main (tracker) chest, 380mm (15”) for Tuba and Harmonic Trumpet on high-pressure electric action chest
• 8’ Gamba, 8’ Gamba Celeste, 8’ Viol d’Orchestre, 8’ Viol Celeste, and 4’ Traverse Flute from Austin Opus 1031 built for Bethel Evangelical Church 2270 West Grand Boulevard Detroit, Michigan, circa 1923. The pastor of this congregation was theologian Reinhold Niebuhr who created the Social Justice Gospel.
• Metal reed boots and blocks
• 16’ Corno di Bassetto and 8’ Vox Humana from Austin 1031
• 8’ Orchestral Oboe from E. M. Skinner
• Mechanical action with key contacts for Solo couplers and high-pressure reeds
• High-pressure reeds duplexed on Choir and Pedal
• Electric swell shutter action arranged to open in stages; shutters on front and side of expression box
• 70mm thick expression box with 60mm thick shutters

Choir Pedal:console
• 6 stops including 1 preparation (Fl 4), 160-192 pipes
• 80mm wind pressure
• 16’ Bourdon refurbished from Austin 1031
• 8’ Cello, White Oak in facade
• Wooden reed boots and blocks
• Mechanical action

Main Pedal:
• 15 stops, 555 pipes
• 125mm wind pressure
• Wooden reed boots and blocks
• All 32’ stops are 12 note extensions of 16’ stops
• 32’ Double Open Diapason bass (C-B) wood in gallery installed by E. M. Skinner in 1907
• 16’ Open Diapason C-E new wood basses, F-B Moller (refurbished), c- g1 hammered pipe metal in façade facing the south transcept
• 32’ Contra Bourdon C-E from 32′ Double Open Diapason, F-B new, c- g1 refurbished from Austin 1031
• 32’/16’ Open Diapason, 32’/16’ Bourdon, 32’/16’ Trombone, 32’/16’ Fagott, 16’ Violone, 8’ Trumpet on electric action chests, remainder of stops on mechanical action chests
• 8’ Principal basses (C-B) hammered pipe metal in aisle façade
• Mechanical action with key contacts for Solo couplers and electric chests

Totals: 77 stops including 5 preparations, 4656-5152 pipes

4 blowers (Two main slow-speed 3.5 and 4 hp, 1 hp high-pressure for Solo, 5 hp for 32’ Diapason)
2 static reservoirs
6 low-pressure regulators
1 high-pressure regulatoraction run

13 mechanical windchests, all solid wood construction
9 electric windchests

1400 feet of flex tubing
2 miles of carbon fiber trackers

Temperament: Grace Church, a mild well- temperament by Christopher Bono, Aaron Reichert, Thomas Rohlfs

Tonal Design by Patrick Allen, George Taylor, John Boody, george taylor
Christopher Bono and Aaron Reichert

Concept Design by John Boody, George Taylor and Robbie Lawson

Carvings designed by George Taylor and Robbie Lawson carved by Olivia Kiers

Technical design by George Taylor, John Boody, Emerson Willard, Erik Boody and Thomas Rohlfs

Windchests by Thomas Karaffa and Erik Boody

Casework by Larry Damico and Kelley Blanton

Voicing by George Taylor, John Boody, Christopher Bono and Aaron Reichert

Keyboards and playing action by Thomas Rohlfs, Emerson Willard, Chris Peterson and Erik Boody

Pipe racking and winding Christopher Bono, Jenna Dennison, Autumn Coe, john boodyErik Boody and Robert Harris

Pipe making by Robbie Lawson, Steven Jett, Bobbi Jean Regi, Kathryn Harrington, Nick Roble, John Boody, Titus Van Den Heuvel and Larry Damico

Wind system by Thomas Rohlfs, Chris Peterson, Larry Damico and Kelley Blanton

Office and administration by Cindi Johnson and Katina Lawson

Tuning Chart for Opus 65

21 September Program Text

26 April Program Text

Westfield Newsletter 24-1 Patrick Allen

Exhibition of the New Grace Church Organ

Inauguration Concert of the New Grace Church Organ

Upcoming Events with The New Grace Church Organ

Cover and Article AGO Mag April 2014

Choir and Organ Article May -June 2014 – pages 50-54

A report on the history of organists and the condition of Skinner Opus 707 created in 1997

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