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Music at Grace Church in New York

Music at Grace Church in New York

Visiting Guest Choirs

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Welcome to this page of information and thank you for considering Grace Church as a place in New York City to share your musical offerings.

Guest Choirs are defined as those choral ensembles attached to sacred and educational institutions. Professional Choral Ensembles/Groups will fall into the Concert Protocol category described on the next button of this website.

Church Services.

Summer Services – Sunday at 11:00 a.m.

Interested Choirs should send or make available via web link two examples of their recent offerings in contrasting styles.
Approved choirs would be welcomed to sing at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday Mornings.
They could provide two anthems and support the regular service music and hymns of the Parish liturgy.

Saturday Organ and Choir Rehearsal time would be arranged with the Music Staff person on duty that weekend and scheduled in cooperation with the Administrative Assistant to the Rector and the Director of Facilities.

Music Staff of Grace Church will still accompany the hymns of the service, but it would be possible for the organist of the guest Church to provide the organ voluntary prior to the service and accompany the guest choir.

Evensongs and special services.

Choirs wishing to develop a more ambitious “residency” would need to enter into a dialog with the Rector and Organist to see what is possible depending on schedules and staff availability.

Such a request may require the guest choir to make a special donation for extra expenses Grace Church might occur developing and supporting such a request that could add to the normal liturgical schedule of the Parish.

Saint Peter's York, UK

Saint Peter’s York, UK

Choir Concerts

All guest choirs requesting to sing a concert will be required to pay a donation to Grace Church.

The fee will be no less than $1,000.00 and will be increased depending on the scope of the offering and rehearsal time/facilities required.

Example One.

Choir of 30 to sing for one hour at the Choir steps.
No Organ or Piano.

One Hour of Rehearsal prior to Offering that must take place when the church is already open to the public and the concert end in time for clean up and departure while the church is still open.

Includes the use of the Nursery for bags, changing and the use of the downstairs bathrooms across from the Nursery.
The Choir must provide their own programs and publicity.

All concerts include one poster produced by Grace Church and placed in the sign case one week prior to the performance. Information for this poster must be received via email and ready to cut and paste into the poster three weeks prior to performance.

Should Admission be charged for a concert, it will include $5.00 donation per person that will be given to an appropriate charity in NYC such as God’s Love we deliver. The charity will be announced in the publicity of the concert and be determined by Grace Church. This will be paid after the concert when ticket sells are counted to Grace Church in addition to the rental fee.

Example Two.

Same as One with the use of the Piano: $1500.00
Adds one additional hour for piano rehearsal.

Example Three.

Same as One with the use of the Organ: $1,750.00
Adds one additional hour for organ rehearsal.
As in all cases which involve the organ, all persons requesting to play the organ and arrangements for accompanists at the Grace Church Organs must be approved in advance by the Organist and Master of Choristers as part of the application for an event.

Extras and other situations:

As conditions and group sizes increase the fee will be adjusted to compensate for the additional services needed to prepare for, support and clean up after the performing group.

Should a group wish to arrange a program at a time when the church is not normally open to the public that fee will be determined once the needs of the project are determined. The fee will not be below $2,500.00

Music Stands and Chairs up to eight are possible with a rental fee of $30.00 for the stands and $30.00 for the chairs. Should more stands or chairs be needed or other set up arrangements in the Choir the fee will be adjusted to support the plan agreed upon.

There are no recording services available at the church. A group must make their own arrangements for recordings. These must be communicated to the church and approved three weeks prior to performance with locations, requirements and timing of set up, break down included. It most likely will require an additional fee for staff time.


To begin the process of creating a musical project at Grace Church in New York please prepare a summary proposal of your project and send to attention: Patrick Allen , Organist and Master of Choristers

Send us a message or application:

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