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Music at Grace Church in New York

Music at Grace Church in New York

The Adult Choir

The Adult Choir of Grace Church is made up of nine professional singers.

The lower six members of this choir provide the alto, tenor and bass parts to the treble parts sung by the boy and girl choristers.

The sopranos of the choir originally sang on occasions when the choristers were on holiday during the academic season and in the summer months.

In recent years they have distinguished themselves by special offerings and take their place as an integral part of the musical fabric of Grace Church.

For special liturgies and musical offerings the number in the choir is adjusted to a size appropriate for the occasion.

The Adult Choir of Grace Church

Eileen Clark
Kath Courtemanche
Madison Spahn

Toby Banks
Catherine Aks

Zachary Brashear

Bob Lukomski
A.J. Stetson

Information about auditions with the Grace Church Choir

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