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Greetings everyone, another great week of music making and fun.
Thank you all.

Next week we go to full schedule except:
Tuesday Evening the Junior Practice is the full time 5:00 – 6:30 but Evensong does not begin until 2 October. Drop off and Pick up is from the Honor Room like before.

Wednesday, Grace Church School is closed for Yom Kippur, so no choir activities on Wednesday.

Many thanks to everyone who acted as Choir Parent Helpers, Photo Ranglers and who brought and contributed food and libations to make the first Sunday so festive, fun and productive.

THIS SUNDAY: The Choir of Men and Boys, All Senior Boys REQUIRED, Novice and Junior Boys Optional
9:45 Senior Choristers arrive
10:15 Novice and Junior Choristers arrive
Enter at 802 Broadway and come the back way as you did at camp to the Honor Room.
Do not come through the Church, a service will be taking place.
If you have not been vested yet, come 5 minutes early so we can get you fitted.

After the Service, lunch for Senior Choristers
1:00 – 3:00, Senior Boys Rehearsal, we have a lot of work to do in order to prepare the Britten Evensong for October.
1:00 – 2:00, HS Singer Rehearsal in the Music Office – Communicate with Mr. Reed.

Repeated from Last week:
Creative Scheduling and Problem Solving:
Something for the think tank wise and very creative parents:
Everyone gets busier and busier, I don’t think it will ever grow less, most likely as time passes it will only increase, it seems to be the way in our “real time” world.
So……..we can’t look at old rehearsal/practice/musical training solutions for a structure – we need to be creative and find new ways to make sure it is possible for the choirs to continue to be healthy and renew. I’m convinced only by growing to a larger size than we have historically maintained that momentum and quality of offering will be healthy while members come and go from all the activities and commitments of contemporary life.

Remember – live into the spirit rather than the letter of the plan. Our solutions need to focus on quality rather than quantity of experience that leads to personal and musical growth for the individual and as a result the health of our community.

So…….keep talking, and suggesting and don’t assume an idea or solution can’t work.

Some of you have already told me of schedule difficulties – when your chorister must leave early and/or miss a rehearsal or Sunday Service or Tuesday Evensong – Can I suggest for trial – make up the lost experience by:
Attending another practice:
Novice and 3rd grade Junior Boys are welcome at the Thursday morning practice as make up, Girls on Friday morning.
Novice choristers are welcome on Tuesday at the 5:00 Junior Practice and Evensong.
Novice and Junior Choristers are welcome to sign up for After School Vocal Coaching.
4th grade and above Juniors can attend an hour or so of the Sunday afternoon Senior Practices.
Seniors can serve as mentors at any of the Novice and Junior Rehearsals and Services.
Pair with someone and ask for a special coaching.

My old teacher said “can’t never could” so let’s leave what isn’t possible behind and find and enjoy the possible and let our community flourish. To quote a great man: “never give up, never surrender!”

Sorry to go on so long, but I’ve been hearing a lot with concern about the intensity of our lives and spent quite a bit of time meditating on it this summer.

Please check the attached “newsletter” for other details and links.

Have a beautiful day
Love, P.

Important Links:
Kathy’s Special Goggle Calendar – Choir Schedule Link Page:
The heading will still read 2017-2018, but the schedules are correct for this year, it is a work in progress.

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