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Thank you for a great first week back from break.
Everyone seems mostly refreshed and excited about all we are preparing for the coming month!

I am so excited about the flexibility of our new web format. Thank you for your comments, please continue to look everything over and make suggestions about how it can be more supportive, what information you need added, what needs to be easier to find, etc. Tom Evans has done a great job developing our site and teaching me how to take care of it. Please join me in expressing our gratitude to him for all him time and expertise.

This week in choir……
This week the choristers and I have been reviewing all they have accomplished and how to develop a higher expecation for the quality of our time together. You might have a chat with your chorister about this. How do you go into “work” mode at the office or in an activity that demands your best, your concentration even when you might not really feel like it and how do you turn that mode off when you leave work? A choir expresses itself in the quality of the ensemble, everyone functioning at the same time. That is a hard skill to learn and takes practice just like learning to sing and learning the notes and words. I’d like to teach them that there is fun in accomplishing this as they learn to set their own high standards and expectations with pride and joy.

Coming up Soon!

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday 17 April, The Choir of Men and Boys is singing….

…..and finishes with Easter Day 24 April with Two Services combining all the Choirs ……and the wonderful Easter Breakfast that is celebrated by the whole Choir Family.

(Senior Choristers Only, all Juniors should sit with their families on Easter Day and sing with great spirit and joy)

If you would like to help with the Breakfast please contact p. allen.

Just as the season of Easter begins – it lasts 50 days! We will offer on…….

Friday 29 April, The Annual Concert of The Choir of Men and Boys with The Girls’ Choir

This program is free and open to all, beginning at 7 p.m. it should last one hour.

Following the concert is the wonderful reception for all the musicians and their families. This is a big fund raiser for the Choir Special Projects Fund and tickets are required.

If you would like to help please contact p. allen. Planning for all these activities is well underway, please don’t be shy and let me, Dana Foote or Jana Berard know if you are interested in volunteering to help.

Recruiting for Fall 2011 has begun
…….and already we have our first new boy novice chorsiter identified.

If you know rising Second and Third graders who would like to join the choirs, please have their parents contact p. allen. Next year is going to be great fun!

There is a lot going on, do hesitate to call, ask questions and get involved!

Have a great springy weekend, Love, patrick