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Choir Family News 14 April 2011
Hi everyone,
I was just talking with some parents in the parish house and they saw the concert postcard that just was put out for the April 29th concert.
It just arrived yesterday.

There are copies of it in the Parish House on the long table in the hallway and in the Narthex of the Church.
Please feel free to take as many as you like to mail to family and friends you want to invite to the concert or email the attached e copy of the card.

We do have a limited quantity and hope to have some out for those attending Holy Week Services, so please only take as many as you know you can use. If there turns out to be a number of people who would like souvenir copies I can always order some more for that purpose, don’t be shy to ask!

An E-vite is also being prepared and will arrive to your cyber address in the coming day or so.

Spread the word about the beautiful music that will be offered on the 29th and have a beautiful day.

With all my best, Patrick