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The New Choir Season is just around the corner!

Choir Camp will take place on Tuesday September 6th. Please see the appropriate chorister schedule for the details.

It’s always a fun day full of great stories from the summer, music, parent orientation and the cookout. You just need to show up, everything is taken care of and….we keep it an early evening!
Choristers should enter the building from the Church side – Parish House 802 Door – remember, the school is closed as they finish preparations for the first day on Wednesday.

For Senior Choristers it is an especially important day for us to quickly prepare and master the beautiful Requiem of Faure that we will present on Sunday afternoon the 11th of September.

Email your questions as necessary and have a safe, restful and wonderful remainder of the summer!

Here are a couple of photos of northern Holland where I was last week. Next week I’ll be in Prague visiting with old friends and looking at possible sites for a potential choir tour! With all my love, Patrick