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Dear Choristers and Choir Families,
Wow! What an amazing and heart warming week. Thank you for all the care, energy and beauty you have shared with so many. The musical offerings today were moving and full of such special growth in you all. If this week is an indication of what is possible, this is going to be an amazing year! Rest well, tomorrow another service first thing and Tuesday we begin preparing lots of beautiful and fun new music, including a wonderful Missa brevis in C by Amadeus Mozart!
Congratulations to our Chorister Executive Committee: Phil Holt, Caity McSween, Optimi; Chanler Shamamian, Nicholas Burnham, Lead Choristers; Charlotte Phillips, Micaela Macagnone, Matthew Burnham, Ben Eisenstadt.
A Special Thanks to Laura Holt and all our Choir Parent Helpers who helped organize and support us in our work today. We could not have done it without you. I can’t wait to hear you in the morning, with all my love and gratitude, P.A.