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What a great day today! Everyone sang so beautifully and it was thrilling to see so many generations of choristers, young, old, current and alumni with their families together. I am so grateful to everyone.
Please join me in a yahoo! thank you to Ellen McElduff, Dana Foote, Shannon Cave and everyone who worked with them to organize and make the celebration so beautiful, tasty and fun.
Thank you Laura Holt and all the Choir Parent Helpers who did extra duty today with all our extra forces and those upset tummies.
Senior Choristers and Families thank you for making the photograph session prior to warm up go so smoothly and to Vincent Dixon and his studio for making it possible. We accomplished everything in record time and beauty.

Wednesday morning is going to be lovely. It is wonderful and a special treat due to the restoration work and the choir being located in the South Transept that we can have the whole choir vested and sitting together for the Grace Church School Thanksgiving Service!

Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving Holiday, Love, Patrick