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The Optimus - Too much Pie! ?

Congratulations on a fantastic Thanksgiving Pie Sale!
Please join me in thanking Vicky Hurley and Elizabeth Herman who developed, organized and ran this year’s sale. Vicky located and developed our new relationship with Eli Zabar and Elizabeth brought a new perspective to the sale with the addition of the wonderful Neuchatel chocolate products.

We also need to thank Laura Holt, Caroline Toms, Anne Zaccaro and Sarah McCain who did so much to help in many ways especially this week with the deliveries and pick up of the pies and chocolates.

Our total proceeds after the expenses are paid will be right around $6,500.00, a brilliant result!

Thank you everyone who sold and bought these products. As the smoke of the holiday celebrations clears please send PA your feedback, suggestions, thoughts on how we can do it better or thoughts about the new products used in this year’s sale.

Again, thank you one and all and HAPPY THANKSGIVING, love, Patrick