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If music be the food of love…..Sing on….

Day Two of the Summer 2012 Choir Tour

From the fourth men’s courtyard at Terezinstadt Concentration Camp:
God so loved the world, John Stainer
Stainer, God so loved, mp3

From special choir correspondent…….
James Waring journal – June 18,2012

Stacie and James Waring off loading the Bus at Prague Castle

Today we first ate breakfast at the Hotel Jalta, where we are staying. It was a delicious buffet. Immediately following, we traveled to Prague Castle. There we went inside St. Vitus’s Cathedral. The size amazed everyone. The vivid purples and blues of the rose window astounded everyone. After we toured the cathedral, the palace and the Golden Lane, which was a collection of shops built into the castle wall, we rode the bus to Terezin.

After our one hour bus ride, we arrived at the former prison at Terezin. We had to buy licenses for photography, which many people soon did. Terezin was a former prison which became a concentration camp during World War II. It had no gas chamber, but at the very end of the war the guards were forcing the prisoners to build a gas chamber that looked like the showers but they didn’t finish it because the war ended. The Jewish prisoners slept with no beds, just a hard, dank cement floor. Since the living conditions were horrible, many people died. Also, the man who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand to start World War I was held in Terezin for 4 years. After we toured, we sang an informal concert.

We ate dinner at a very nice restaurant in old town Prague. The entertainment was a band with a dulcimer, bass and violin. We all were privileged to sing a hearty song in which our words were “bum, bum, bum”. There were dancers who danced traditional Czech dances. The food was traditional Czech dishes. No one could find a green vegetable in sight! We all had a great time.

Prague Castle and Cathedral
Terezinstadt Concentration Camp
The Gala Dinner in Praha, a traditional Czk Evening!