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Tonight, 14 January, the Senior Boy and Girl Choristers sang in an offering of Mahler’s Eighth Symphony, known as the Symphony of a Thousand due to the huge performing forces required.
They had fun, ate cheeseburgers and sang their hearts out in the concert. A fun and inspired time was had by all.

Thank you everyone who did so much to help make this possible.

Laura Holt and Vicky Hurley for all your organization

Elizabeth Herman and Jennifer Segre-Lawrence for the meal organization and details

All our chaperones: Meaghan Cheung, Amy Houston, Vicky and Ned Hurley, Susan Inglett,
Serge and Lannyl Ossorguine, Caroline Toms, and Dasi Williams who kept us safe and got us to the right place on time and to all our families for their support throughout the fall and this week.

Please thank Sara Queen for helping to make the January date work and to George Davison, Hugo Mahabir and Carol Collet for all their work with the faculty to support our presence.

Well Done! Bravo everyone!