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Hello Choir Families,
On Saturday Dr. Rose was depressed because the Choir Festival he was to conduct was postponed due to the heavy snows.
While he was on line, he discovered this link to a recent recording session by the King’s College Choir.
These boys are your colleagues, they do the same work you do in the College Chapel at King’s in Cambridge, England, and have done so since the time of Henry VIII!
Take a listen and look at how they do their work in a recording session.
Look, Listen, Learn and then, bring when you are inspired to do or not, to your own work in our choirs!
These boys are no different from you! However, the eyes and ears of millions of people are on them every year! can you imagine!
I hope you will enjoy this as much as Dr. Rose and I do….Dr. Cleobury, their Choirmaster is an old and special friend! It did my heart well to experience this stream.

John Rutter: All Bells in Paradise, Recording Session by King’s College Choir