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Much work has been accomplished since January.

The mechanical action that connects the keyboards to the valves under the pipes has been refined and balanced.
The Swell Box that controls the dynamics of the Swell Division has been brought on line and balanced.
Wind Pressures have been adjusted and stabilized.
As of 14 February 22 Stops have been made playable, voiced and tuned.
The Couplers are now operating and balanced.
The next big delivery which will occur in the coming week will be the pipe work and mechanicals for the Solo and Big Pedal Divisions that will be installed in the old Skinner/Schlicker Organ Chamber. These Divisions contain the loudest and lowest notes of the organ.

Some Firsts:
…..First Wedding Solo, Ave Maria, Bach-Gounod, on Saturday 9 February
…..First Anglican Chant, Barnby to Surge Illuminare, under Dr. Barry Rose with The Choir of Men and Boys
…..First complete Liturgies, Ash Wednesday Services at 12:10 and 6:00 p.m.

On Saturday 23 February at 4:00, the organ will accompany Vivaldi’s beautiful GLORIA, offered by The Adult Choir for Super Storm Sandy Relief.

Some photos of pipework being voiced and tuned in the Swell Division.
John Boody carrying one of the big 16′ Viol Pipes from the Swell – North Case Facade.
Some Snow Photos of Grace Church.