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This short note was given as a gift to the organ installation crew working in the church today…….

I was sitting in Grace Church trying to meditate when the pipe organ tuner arrived to tune the organ. He began by playing all the notes they muttered climbed a ladder and began knocking around with some tools. Then he played more notes. Sometimes they wobble and bend as he tunes them up or down.

Then there was silence, long enough to begin to feel my heart Beat, and to count my breath.

And then just as peace arrived “Honk!” “Beep” “Wump” “Clank”.

I was at first angry to find an organ tuner in my sanctuary interrupting my peace.

Then I began to laugh, finding humor in each interruption.

But now I am learning to be thankful, not so much because the organ must be tuned in order to make music, true though it may be, thankful because he helped me to understand myself on the inside.

This organ tuning has given me a profound understanding of the role my mind plays in my whole self.

Peace interrupter, Random noise maker, and finally, judge. Judging the noise and judging its own capacity to interrupt.

And, in the comedy and the frustration – I am learning to forgive this organ tuner, and to love him, and to forgive myself and love myself. For who among us does not have an organ tuner for a mind.




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