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Greetings and Happy Friday everyone,

A Special Weekend is approaching…..Grace Church School Sunday! This is always a very happy occasion when we celebrate the joint history, lives and missions of Church and School.

It is always moving to me as I contemplate our heritage. An example is that of my predecessor James M. Helfenstein, the founding Choirmaster-Organist and Headmaster of Grace Church School who served from 1894 to 1922. Did you know he was a lawyer and had a seat on the stock exchange in addition to his passion and expertise for church music? He founded the school not only with the idea of preparing choristers to participate in excellent and professional musical offerings but also to graduate prepared to take their college entrance exams. He was also an early patron of Ernest Skinner who would go on to be one of the most important organ builders in America.

One of the joys of my work is encountering alumni from the choirs. One such chorister I have met through his daughter as he recently passed away. On his death she sent the choir a number of scrapbooks and mementos he collected and cared for through his life. The Choristers created a special thank you card for her and her family and last night I received this email from her….

Dear Patrick,

I wish you could have seen the reaction of my family as they read your emails and the special card you sent. I’m glad you sent it to Wisconsin so I could share it with everyone in person. I shared with each separately and was moved by the deep appreciation each expressed.

The photo of the Choristers Window in the Honor Room was so meaningful to all of us. I was so focused on the wall when I was there, I didn’t remember that wonderful window. My sister, Karen, wondered aloud if real choir boys were the models.

And your choristers come alive to us through their signatures, their different personalities apparent. How special that you help shape their lives. We are so appreciative of the effort you put into this very special card for us.

Take care. Best to you and your choristers.
Martha Winquist Emrey

Mr. Winquist sang in the choir between 1935 and 1941, quite an amazing time in the history of our country. One of the items his daughter shared with us was an original and unused Christmas Card from Grace Church in 1956. It inspired our Holiday card sale that we have just started to help generate additional support to the Choir Special Projects Fund along with the Thanksgiving Pies and Chocolates.
Here is a link so you can see the card and the choristers window!

Have a beautiful day, please share this email from Ms. Emrey with your choristers. I hope they can understand how magical the cards are that we occasional create and send in thanks or just in greetings to special people who touch our lives. I am so proud of them all!

Love, Patrick

Schedule Review for Sunday:

Warm up – Call times:
9:45 Senior Boys and Girls
10:15 Junior Boys and Girls
10:30 Novice Boys and Girls

11:00 Morning Service

The Service should end around 12:20

There is a wonderful reception following in Tuttle Hall!