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Dear Heavenly Choir Families,

Bravo and thank you for such a beautiful day today! The Choristers are working so well together and all of you are pitching in to help create a lovely rhythm of our time together and the musical work already taking place. It’s so much fun! and so beautiful!

Thank you for the beautiful singing of your children this morning and for your beautiful support of them as Choir Parent Helpers and in your Hospitality at the Reception to begin our new season, the new church program year and to Celebrate Don Waring’s 10th Anniversary as our Rector. A GREAT DAY! BRAVO!

Congratulations to our new Optimi:
Nick Hurley, The Choir of Men and Boys – Optimus
Catherine Cheung, The Girls’ Choir – Optima

Congratulations to our Chorister Executive Committee made up of our new Lead Choristers:
The Choir of Men and Boys
Stephen Carr
Julius Dunn
Miles McCain

The Girls’ Choir
Constance Gooding
Nina Houston
Camilla McGarry
Eden Sherrod

THIS WEEK only morning rehearsals. The afternoon offerings will begin the following week. Slow and steady to get going. The details of the schedule for this week are down below!

CALLING ALL NOVICE BOY CHORISTERS: We still need to sign up a class of 3rd/4th grade Novice Boys for this season. There are rumblings of interest, but no one has broken the ice. It’s not too late! It’s fun and the boys have more fun if they bring their friends. The commitment the first year is focused on one rehearsal each week after school. It isn’t scary at all! Please talk with your parent friends who might have a son in this age range and encourage them to contact me! It is such a great opportunity for the boys, the hardest part is just getting started.

Thank you again for such a beautiful day, have a safe and brilliant week! Love, Patrick

Tuesday 9 September
7:00 Breakfast Club and Rehearsal, Senior Boys

Wednesday 10 September
7:00 Breakfast Club and Rehearsal, Senior Girls

Thursday 11 September
7:00 Breakfast Club and Rehearsal, Junior and Senior Boys

Friday 12 September
7:00 Breakfast Club and Rehearsal, Junior and Senior Girls

Sunday 14 September, The Choir of Men and Boys Singing
9:45 Call for Senior Boys (Required)
10:15 Call for Junior Boys (Optional)
10:30 Call for Novice Boys (Optional)
11:00 Morning Service
12:20ish Service Ends

Lunch after Church for Senior Soprano Boys

1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Required Rehearsal for Senior Soprano Boys