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Sunday 21 December, Winter Solstice!
Advent IV

Dear Choir Families,

Thank you for the best fall term since my arrival at Grace Church – just two months shy of 15 years! Each year gets better and stronger as we build on the hard work and musical offerings of each generation of choristers and families. This fall the choristers accomplished many long term goals and brought their musical and community work to a new level. Together, we are at a special break through point with so many of the musical skills we are developing. The spring is going to be very exciting. I am so proud of everyone’s efforts and so thankful for all you do to support the music and our lives together. This has been a wonderful season welcoming so many new families and with so many parents getting involved volunteering – another long term goal that is blooming.

I just facebook posted the flyer for the Carol Service on Christmas Eve at 8:00 p.m. and our friend Barry Rose commented:
‘oh that we were there’ (as they say in ‘In dulci jubilo’). Hope it all goes well and I’ll see you soon !
Choristers…..he is thinking about you and it is an honor for us that he wishes he could be with us! He will be soon – Novices and Juniors we will have so much fun and learn so much with him in January!

CHOIR FAMILIES AT THE CAROL SERVICE on CHRISTMAS EVE….if you are in the congregation on Christmas Eve at 8:00 p.m. WE NEED YOUR HELP! At the start of the service when the choir comes out of the Honor Room……PLEASE STAND UP! It is such a pity each year that a large portion of the congregation stands up during that very special and gentle moment. The creaks and moans of the pews are loud! If you stand up, they will and we will wait just a moment to let the quiet return to the room before beginning the opening carol.

Happy Second half of Hanukah!

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In Early January: Families of Senior Choristers:
How would Wednesday or Thursday after School look the first week back for an hour?
World renowned Dutch Baritone Max van Egmond will be visiting Grace Church and there may be the possibility of arranging a master class/rehearsal for the seniors on vocal production and diction with him. This would be an amazing experience for the choristers, the first step is just to find out what might be possible? Could Saturday late morning the 10th of January work from 10:30 to noon? Please let me know your thoughts. Nothing is planned yet, I’m just seeing if we have the energy and time to set this up.


UPDATES since Thanksgiving….
1. If you haven’t paid your first deposit please get it to PA asap or check in with him.
2. If you want to buy into the air package through Peter’s Way we need to know asap so we can confirm the persons and block of seats for that flight.
3. If your chorister is traveling alone on the trip we need to know three things:
a. Have you assigned them to a choir family going on the trip for travel and chaperoning?
b. Will they need someone assigned to chaperone them (not a problem, we are just counting right now to plan)
c. Will they be buying the air package? (any chorister being chaperoned by staff will need to buy into the air package and travel with the staff)

Old Information:
The First Deposit is due in the amount of $500.00 for each person going on the tour.
Please make your check out to GRACE CHURCH IN NEW YORK, Memo: Choir Tour Deposit One and list who it is for. These checks should be given to P. Allen.
If you have not done so and would like to request financial aid for your chorister, please talk with P. Allen.
Please indicate on your deposit whether your chorister and or family member will purchase the group air travel package so we can plan for that. If you do not indicate this we will assume you are making your own travel arrangements to and from France.
The work in progress Itinerary is attached to this email. Have a look, be ready to chime in with your thoughts in the New Year. We will want your feedback.

*AS THE YEAR IS COMING TO AN END…please look around the house and make sure you cash all choir checks you have received. When the books are closed at the audit for each operating budget year checks can no longer be redeemed or replaced.


Christmas Eve 24 December
6:45 Warm up for Carol Service
Required for all senior choristers.
Novice and Junior Families are most welcome; Novice and Junior Choristers should sit with their parents if they attend this service.

Be safe, warm and Joy filled! Love, PA

SUNDAY 4 January at 4:00 p.m. in the Church
Amahl and the Night Visitors by G.C. Menotti
Ian Rotheroe will sing the title role this year!
Family Friendly and very special, bring everyone and plan to attend.
Free Admission.

We start back with the GCS Schedule: January 6th.


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*REMEMBER: If your contact information changes or you notice a typo in a communication don’t hesitate to let PA (P. Allen, not the Parents Association) know. “If you see something, say something”

*REMEMBER…please keep an eye out around the house and make sure you cash all choir checks you have received. When the books are closed at the audit for each operating budget year checks can no longer be redeemed or replaced.