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Hi everyone, here are some details so you can continue your summer tour preparations.

The group flight will be on SL Airways France and depart NYC JFK Terminal 4 on 20 June at 23:55 and arrive the next day 21 June in Paris Charles De Gaulle Terminal 2A at 13:10.

Gathering time in the terminal – at the bus will be 2:10 p.m. Paris time at a location tbd.

Departure is Charles De Gaulle Terminal 2A at 19:45 with arrival at JFK Terminal 4 at 21:45.

If you haven’t got your 2nd Deposit of $500.00 in yet, please get it to P. Allen asap.

Here are the next payment deadlines:

March 10, 2015, next payment on trip accounts due. $1,400.00 per person going on the trip.

April 10, 2015, final payment on trip account due. We anticipate this to be $1,400.00. The final amount of this payment may be adjusted based on exchange rate fluctuations. The exact amount will be confirmed prior to 10 April but it will not exceed $1,400.00.

The Senior Soprano Boys rehearsal this Sunday between 1:00 and 3:00 will focus on the Tour and Spring Concert Repertoire. All Senior Girls who would like to attend are welcome.

That’s all I know at the moment.
Cheers, be safe today and have a wonderful weekend, P.