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The Annual Spring Choir Concert is here!
Friday 24 April at 7:00 p.m. in the Church
Followed by a festive benefit reception to support the Choir Special Projects Fund and most immediately the Choir Tour to France this summer!

Please invite family, friends, colleagues, classmates and teachers to the concert. The bigger the audience the better the choirs sing. It’s strange how that works, but these children sing better when the number of faces they don’t know is larger than the number they do know 

The concert reception is a special fund raiser for the choir special projects fund. Over the course of your child’s participation in the program they benefit from the resources in the fund which provide for opportunities that our regular budget can’t cover. Summer Tours are just one of those items.
The base ticket for adults is $25.00 and for non chorister children $10.00, of course everyone is invited to make over that amount gifts.
This year you can do that via the website at:

Attached to this email is a flyer you can send to family, friends, colleagues, classmates and teachers. Please don’t be shy. Send to other families in your grade and invite your child’s teacher. Many of them have no idea of what the choir offers and are beautifully moved to experience the magic and the music.
You can also send people this link to the Website for Information:

The Annual Concert Committee is hard at work preparing for the beautiful reception that follows that concert on 24 April.
To Sign Up to help with the reception please use this link:

It’s Recruiting Season for 2015-2016!
The annual letter and brochure have gone out to all families at GCS with children currently in second and third grade – even those who have already joined! Please spread the word – Choir is fun! We already have the first interview scheduled!
Sometimes interesting rules and policies appear during recruiting time, but the basic creed is:
Choir is open to all, it is always a good time to join and you are never too old or miss a deadline! We want everyone to join choir! 

NOTE: The Girls’ Choir is singing this Sunday.
There was a Goggle Doc glitch that said the boys were on, this is a mistake.
Girls on, Boys off
No lunch or special rehearsal this Sunday.

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Rehearsal and Choral Evensong for Junior Choristers will take place on Tuesday 21 April.
The Rehearsal begins as always at the Music Room at 5:00 p.m.
Evensong is in the Church from 6:00 – 6:30 p.m.

Senior Choristers are always welcome to mentor at Evensong and at Junior Rehearsals with parent’s permission!

The Tour is coming together. At this point communications about the Tour will go directly to those participating to cut down on the amount of verbiage in this communication.
The Tentative Tour Rehearsals are good, they will take place as scheduled.


Sunday 26 April, The Girls’ Choir with Adults Singing.
9:45 Call for Senior Girls (Required)
10:15 – 10:30 Call for Junior Girls Old and New (Optional)
11:00 Service

Tuesday 28 April
7:00 a.m. Breakfast Club and Morning Rehearsal, Senior Boys

Tuesday 28 April
3:20 – 4:30 New Junior Girls Rehearsal, Music Room.

Tuesday 28 April
5:00 Junior Evensong Rehearsal
6:00 Evensong in the Church concluding by 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday 29 April
7:00 a.m. Breakfast Club and Morning Rehearsal, Senior Girls

Wednesday 29 April
3:20 – 4:30 After School Vocal Coaching in the Music Office

Thursday 30 April
7:00 a.m. Breakfast Club and Morning Rehearsal, Senior and Junior Boys

Thursday 30 April
3:20 – 4:30 After School Vocal Coaching in the Music Office

Friday 1 May
7:00 a.m. Breakfast Club and Morning Rehearsal, Senior and Junior girls

Friday 1 May
3:20 – 4:30 New Junior Boys Rehearsal, Music Room.

Sunday 3 May, The Choir of Men and Boys Singing.
9:45 Call for Senior Boys (Required)
10:15 – 10:30 Call for Junior Boys Old and New (Optional)
11:00 Service
Lunch after Church

1:00 – 3:00 TOUR REHEARSAL in the Church.


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*REMEMBER: If your contact information changes or you notice a typo in a communication don’t hesitate to let PA (P. Allen, not the Parents Association) know. “If you see something, say something”

*REMEMBER…please keep an eye out around the house and make sure you cash all choir checks you have received. When the books are closed at the audit for each operating budget year checks can no longer be redeemed or replaced.