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Dear Choir Families,

We’d like to thank you all for your generous contributions to the Choir Concert Reception. Congratulations to Dr. Allen and all of our choristers for a beautiful Spring Concert. Of course enjoying another Spring Concert can mean only one thing…The End is near…the mad dash to the end of school and the beginning of Summer Vacation!

One of our favorite harbingers is Choir Appreciation Sunday. We’ll celebrate our choristers, warm weather (at last!), the final day of choir and days of school on June 7th with a picnic in Huntington Close following the 11 o’clock service. The highlight of the afternoon is the RAFFLE which benefits our beloved choristers and Choir Special Projects Fund supporting recordings, special events and choir trips.

Each year, we ask the choir community to help us provide great raffle items. Past hits have included i-pads, tickets to events, and jewelry. In previous years parents who were artists contributed portraits, others donated restaurant gift certificates. Please think about whether you have any connections or sources for raffle items, and let us know as soon as you can.

Financial contributions towards larger items are also very much appreciated.

Things kids of all ages love…..but feel free to use your imagination and your connections.

• Apple I-pad, nanos, etc..
• Kindles
• Tickets to a great sporting event or Broadway Show
• Restaurant Gift Certificate
• Spa Day or basket
• Wine basket
• I Tunes Gift Card
• American Eagle, Abercrombie, etc. Gift Card
• Yooglers Gift Card
• Spyware
• Dr. Dre Beats Headphones
• American Girl Dolls
• Remote Controlled Toy

Once the items are set, we will print CHOIR RAFFLE TICKETS and distribute them to your chorister — PLEASE take them with you everywhere you go–especially over Memorial Day weekend–and sell them to your extended family, friends, colleagues (and even strangers!) We have a $5.00 raffle ticket and a $10.00 raffle ticket.

If you can help us by donating one of the above items or writing a check towards one of these items WE WILL BE IN GOOD SHAPE FOR A GREAT RAFFLE! Checks can be made payable to “Grace Church” with Memo : Choir Appreciation Sunday Raffle. Checks or cash made be left with Dr. Allen, Nancy at the front desk at GC School, or one of the Raffle Chairs listed below.

Please sell as many tickets as you can before Choir Appreciation Sunday on June 7th!
REMEMBER: one boy chorister and one girl chorister will win a $25 Gift Card to Yooglers for selling the most raffle tickets. Please encourage your chorister to sell as many as possible— and remind them that it’s for a worthy cause.

QUESTIONS and CONTRIBUTIONS? Contact one of your Raffle chairs and we’ll be happy to answer any questions and help make arrangements to collect or connect over any and all donations.

Many thank, your Raffle chairs,

Jennie Dunn ( and
Meaghan Cheung (