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CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 2016-17 Sunday lunch checklist

Choir Parent Lunch Checklist

For Sunday Lunches Before Afternoon Rehearsals

STEP ONE: What to Bring

▪ There are approximately 17 senior girls and 15 senior boys.
▪ What kind of food you bring is up to you and your chorister– regular choices are Pie Pizza and Joe’s Pizza. Please bring dessert and drinks (seltzer water good) as well. You can get pitchers of water from the Church kitchen.
▪ Food deliveries should come to 802 Broadway and arrive by 12:15pm. You need to meet the delivery person at that time – ie prior to church ending.
▪ You may leave things in the nursery refrigerator downstairs if needed.
▪ Do not bring any red drinks since they can stain if spilled.
▪ Be sure to bring some paper plates, plastic cups, napkins and plastic utensils.
▪ Dr. Allen notifies the church maintenance staff who will set the tables, chairs and trash cans up inside the Music Room so all that should be already done.

STEP TWO: After the Recessional

▪ Go back to the Music Room to set up. The table against the East wall is used for buffet, the others are for seating.
▪ It is a good idea to hold any dessert back until after lunch is finished.

STEP THREE: After Everyone Is Finished

▪ The choristers are responsible for cleanup and for folding the chairs and putting them away in the Music Room Hall. Leftovers can be taken to the Church kitchen for use at the 6:00 pm service, unless Dr. Allen tells you otherwise.
▪ The choristers are usually good with this, but please save Dr. Allen a plate of food if he hasn’t arrived prior to clean up.
▪ The maintenance staff will take the tables away as well as empty the trash.

▪ Thank you!!!


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